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Quick Guide to Administering Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments Remotely /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/Quick-Guide-to-Administer-Interim-Assessments-Remotely-Vermont_FINAL.pdf
Updated April 21, 2020
This quick guide describes how TAs can remotely administer interim assessments and how students can access and participate in interim assessments. 
Managing Student Test Settings /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_2019-20_Managing-Student-Test-Settings_Brochure-FINAL.pdf
Updated February 18, 2020
This brochure provides a brief overview on how to manage student test settings in TIDE. Students’ embedded accommodations, non-embedded accommodations, and designated supports must be set in TIDE prior to test administration for these settings to be reflected in the online test delivery system.
User Role Permissions for Secure Online Systems /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_2019-20_User-Role-Permissions-for-Secure-Online-Systems_Brochure-FINAL.pdf
Updated December 11, 2019

This brochure outlines the user roles and permissions for each secure online testing system used to administer the online assessments for the Vermont Comprehensive Assessment Program. These systems include: Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE), Reporting, Test Administrator (TA) Interface, and Assessment Viewing Application (AVA). 

Understanding Rosters Brochure /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_2019-20_Understanding-and-Creating-Rosters_Brochure-FINAL.pdf
Updated December 11, 2019

This brochure describes how to view, create, modify, and upload rosters in TIDE and Reporting. 

How to Activate a Test Session: Interim Assessments /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_Interim-Test-Session_Brochure-FINAL.pdf
Updated October 14, 2019

This document provides a quick step-by-step of how to start a test session for the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments, including the interim blocks. 

Quick Guide to Reporting /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/Quick-Guide-to-Reporting-19-20-new-users-FINAL.pdf
Updated September 27, 2019

This quick guide provides a brief overview of the steps for logging in to Reporting, the reports available to TEs, and how to preview items in a report. Reporting provides student performance data for a particular interim assessment or set of interim assessments.

Accessing TIDE Brochure /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_Accessing-TIDE_Brochure_FINAL.pdf
Updated September 18, 2019

This brochure provides a brief overview of user management in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) and how to log in to the system. District and school personnel will need to use TIDE account credentials to access all secure online systems used to administer Vermont Comprehensive Assessment Program online assessments.

How to Activate a Test Session for Summative Assessments /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_Summative-Test-Session_Brochure-FINAL.pdf
Updated February 27, 2019
 This document provides instructions on how to activate a test session for the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments or the Vermont Science Assessment (VTSA) in the TA Interface. 
Monitoring Test Progress: Test Status Code Report and Test Completion Rates /core/fileparse.php/1691/urlt/VT_2019-20_Monitoring-Test-Progress_Brochure_FINAL.pdf
Updated February 27, 2019

This document provides instructions for generating Test Status Code Reports and Test Completion Rates in TIDE. Either report may be used by school- and district-level users to monitor test progress for the following assessments in the Vermont Comprehensive Assessment Program: Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments, Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments (IABs and ICAs), and Vermont Science Assessment (VTSA).