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Frequently Asked Questions about Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)

What is a roster?

Rosters are groups of students associated with a teacher in a particular school. Rosters typically represent an entire classroom, individual classroom periods, or course subject by grade. They can be created in TIDE for organizational purposes during the test administration. Teachers and Coordinators can view and print out student information by roster from TIDE.

Rosters can also be used in Reporting to view scores for a designated group of students or a class.

Do Test Administrators need to establish a TIDE account before administering the Practice or Training tests?

Students can take the practice or training tests in a proctored test session set up by a test administrator or as guests outside of a proctored test session. Test administrators (TAs) must have an account in TIDE to set proctored test session. TAs will use the same username and password to set up the proctored test session as they use to log into TIDE. We encourage TAs to practice setting up a proctored test session using the practice or training tests so they will have experience with how to do this before administering the summative tests.

What is the difference between a Test Administrator (TA) and a Teacher (TE)?

Teachers have the ability to manage and upload rosters within TIDE.  These rosters flow into Reporting and can be used to organize and group student data.  Within Reporting, teachers have the ability to view summary statistics, participation reports, test completion rates, and score reports, and retrieve student results.

Test Administrators do not have the ability to manage and upload rosters within TIDE or Reporting.  Within Reporting, TAs only have the ability to view participation reports and test completion rates.

Both Teachers and Test Administrators have the ability to view student information.